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It was exactly what I was seeking.


Fantastic Workshop. I looked forward to every class. I told many people about it.

Kelly Bennett


“One of the greatest ways Martha adds value is by meeting people where they are, with no judgement and uncovering patterns that are keeping people stuck or otherwise not serving them. Being 100% present, gentle and coaxing. Holding a space for deep things to come to the surface and be voiced, processed and understood. Getting people to connect with their true internal self and not the mind self.”

“I now show up for myself more, tuning in internally for answers, not carrying some burdens I have always carried, learning to be neutral around many situations.”


“Our work together, has had an enduring effect on me. You enabled me to accept the pain of losing my father and led me towards healing. Within that process, you encouraged me to discover my own self-worth and to love myself in spite of the weaknesses that I perceived and had in fact let overwhelm me. To this day, I continue the work as it relates to my relationships with my family.”

“I always knew that I could come to you and feel safe, that you would connect with my emotions, strengths and weaknesses in a way that would enlighten me”.

Thank you, Martha


“The work I have done with Martha has helped me tremendously to “take and stay” in control. I am now able to refocus to get back into the “now” when I feel overwhelmed or when my mind overtakes me. I can now consciously refocus and find peace. You’ve guided me to uncover aspects of myself, most particularly my “thinking pattern” which emphasized my fears and anxieties and prevented me from living in the present. Although I still have old thinking patterns coming back at times; I am now able to detect the signs and use the tools you gave me to chase them away, by being aware. You guide without influencing or pin-pointing on any specific direction, while showing “road side signs” to stay on track.”

Thank you so so much!


“I’m definitely more mindful of my surroundings and can better recognize my feelings in order to make adjustments throughout my day. I’ve become more aware of how my energy drives my day. The techniques are helpful to use throughout my day when I need to get more aligned with my feelings and myself.”

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